Add Some Colors On Your Curtains Will Be Beautiful

More people use pure color curtains to decorate their home because they think that single color curtains are so suitable to decorate compare those curtains with different patterns. At the same time, many people worry that this kind of curtains will be too simple, so you can add some other colors on your curtains to make them look more different and maybe your home will become dreamlike homes.

You can add some darker colors cloth which have similar colors with your curtains to make them look different from before and they can also make your home look lively. Also, choosing similar colors to decorate won’t be antipathetic, and colors you choose should be suitable for the material and colors of your sofa and some other furniture.


In general, colors you choose will improve the brightness of the room and these colors will be easy for you to accept. For example, you can choose yellow because this color is warm color and it can make your home look so beautiful, but you should pay attention that proportion of the color should be reasonable.(Designer drapes curtains for blackout sunshine)

The classic animal print

These days’ animal prints in unusual colors are available but nothing is more beautiful than true and classic tone of animal prints. Choose curtains with the true tone of the base color for the print and it would easily blend with the rest of the home decor. (Designer Curtains)